When it comes to sustainability, we’re moving forward.

It's our ongoing mission to embed sustainability into everything we do and help our customers and specialist markets do the same. From our operations and business practices, to the knowledge and information we provide to our customers and communities, we’re committed to making a positive impact.

As part of our sustainability programme, we have committed to a series of specific and ambitious goals and activities that, over a five year period, will help us become an ever more sustainable, high impact business while supporting and accelerating change in our markets.

It commits us to a series of activities between 2020-2025 that will ensure we are moving to become an ever more sustainable, positive impact business.

Sustainability Inside

Embedding sustainability inside every one of our brands to help our customers accelerate sustainable development in their specialist markets.

We exists to connect people with knowledge and our greatest impact in the world is through the content and connections we deliver for our customers.

To help our customers go faster, and to accelerate the sustainable progress of the specialist markets we serve, we are embedding relevant sustainability content inside each of our brands.

Impact Multiplier

Multiplying the positive impact we can create when we improve access to knowledge, help people connect more efficiently and invest in our communities.

Through the content we provide, we can help connect and inform those who struggle to access knowledge and networks.

When they connect at our events and online, we can help customers be event smarter and more efficient with their time and travel.